Pictures of film!

My stash!

Just got back from a weeks holiday in sunny Somerset. I visited many interesting places and had some great days out, the above is the stash of film shot, ready for processing and scanning! Work to do…

I also took another quick picture recently, just for fun/memories. I came across an old 126 cassette which brought back memories of my very first camera. There was also a Kodachrome cassette, one of it’s later designs that also brought back memories. There was also an older design that predates me using it.. 20 exposures I notice!

Kodak Past

2 thoughts on “Pictures of film!

    1. Hi Jim, 12,24 and 36 always seemed to make more sense! Funny I don’t remember Kodachrome in 20’s at all but I do FP4 and HP5 – it’s an age thing!! Hope you are keeping well – all best wishes Andy


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