Blue Buick

The Blue Buick

Well you’ve heard of the “Pink Cadillac” this is the “Blue Buick”! A couple years back I went to the Henstridge (Somerset) “Wings and Wheels” event. The airfield was built during the Second World War as a training base for the Fleet Air Arm, which commissioned it as HMS Dipper. The MoD sold the airfield in 1957 and today it is mainly used as a base for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and as a training centre for autogyros. “Wings and Wheels” is a combination of light aircraft show and car show.

Hood Decoration

I took along my Pentax ME Super, that I’ve used quite a bit since I invested in having it serviced. It’s nice and light for a day out like this. Loaded with the trusty, but now, no more Agfa Vista 200. I’ll post some of the aircraft soon.

The hood
well I like to get into the shot somehow!!
the spare

2 thoughts on “Blue Buick

  1. Very nice images of that great old Buick. I bought one just like it in 1961 in southern Idaho and drove it to Mexico City and back. It seemed like a real luxury car at the time with automatic transmission, leather upholstery and air conditioning. One of my best road trips.


    1. Hi Mike, Wow that must have been a fascinating trip – hope you took a camera with you too? I’d love to do Route 66 at some point, I think road trips and photography were made for each other! Whether I’d do it without power steering is another matter!! Cheers Andy


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