A post from the Future

The date is 21st February 2042, somehow I’ve made it the age of 73!

While sitting on the sofa I just popped in to the camera shop and picked up a couple of rolls of film. The VR goggles, are like me, getting a bit old but they still can do the job just about! Although hard to come by these days they had a sale on film, only $60 a roll – can you believe it! I had to snap up a couple. I was “served by Ansel” – his avatar pops up as soon as you enter the film section. Seems funny to think that our life spans did actually overlap for a few years back last century. Anyway, it got me thinking of those days – I think I was nearly 15 when his body died.

Back then, when I was a kid, I was still in to photography, even then. I had an old very basic camera, and I used to make some photo’s usually when I was on holiday with the family. Sometimes I used black and white, sometimes colour, when it was colour it was usually slides. Having a film developed to make prints was expensive, and slides were a little cheaper. There was a film called Kodachrome I remember, and much to the amusement of my American friends, it came with a little envelope in the box, to post it back to Kodak for processing. I have a few of those old slides even now!

I mention this as during those years, we weren’t poor, but there wasn’t much money about either, so a roll of film was something of a luxury, I had to make every frame count and use them sparingly. I was known for getting 37 out of a roll of 36! Funny to think that all this time later, not much has changed, with my meagre pension I can once again only afford the odd couple of rolls of film, and have to make them count, but I’m grateful that I can still get any at all! They say that “what goes around – comes around” but what a blast I had in between!

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