St. Mary’s Church, Almer, Dorset

Just across the road from Charborough Park in Dorset, lies the tiny hamlet of Almer. I drive past it every day on my way to work. I get a good view of the top of the church tower as I drive past on the main road. I’ve never stopped, turned off the road and travelled the 100 yards to actually see it. A few days ago I did.

Camera in hand loaded with some Kodak Gold 400, took this shot of St Marys from just outside. The church has parts that date from the 11th century but the tower is mostly 15th.

Interior St Mary’s Almer

Inside there are some Norman arches and a carved face, I wonder what sort of life the mason lived 900 years ago?

Norman Carving

Harvest Festival must have been a week or so I guess, but there were still a few signs, like the corn on the sill.

Harvest Festival

Outside there is the remaining shaft of an old preaching cross. The storms that must have weathered over the centuries. The church leaflet says that it dates from around 1400.

Remains of the preaching cross

Nearby is Almer Manor, refurbished and available to book on Airbnb, in November seems to be £1228 a night!

Almer Manor
St Mary’s, Almer, Dorset

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