This year marks the 100th anniversary of Fomafilm, having never used it before, what better time to try a roll or two? I was interested to know a little of their history, and discovered that the company was originally founded in Prague by Evžen Schier and J. Bárta, shortly after the end of the first world war. In 1921 they moved to Hradec Králové and changed the company name to Fotochema, FOMA is obviously a shortened version. Back then they focussed on making glass plates and processing chemicals, but by 1931 had added paper to their portfolio. Only two years later had added roll films to their production.

Foma packaging a la 1930’s

I ordered one of the Fomapan 100 120 in “limited edition 1930s-inspired packaging, recalling Foma Bohemia’s 100-year heritage in traditional film production” -yes I know it’s the same film in a different box, but hey, part of me trying it out was to celebrate their achievement of 100 years, so it’s a sort or reversal of sending them a birthday card!! I also got a roll of 35mm 200asa.

I’m slightly surprised that as they have been going this long I’ve only known about them for a handful of years. I used ORWO film, NP55 from memory, but that was over 30 years ago. My minds eye can still picture the 100ft bulk load tin, even now! Anyway back to FOMA – I loaded it up and set out for a photo walk!

Tree Carving
…and a close up
Bovington Heath
Sculpture in Moreton, Walled Garden Tea Room

All the above were taken on the roll of Foma 200 35mm, I will post the results from the 120 soon! I liked the 200, I developed it is Ilfosol 1+9 20 degrees for, I think it was 6 mins. The negs were good and scanned pretty well but I think next time I’ll rate the film at 125, as I thought they looked a tiny bit thin. As a traditional, non T grain film, it seems like a good, budget alternative to FP4. While on an ever painful to use online auction site a little after scanning these, I came across a Foma seller offering a 100ft of it for a price cheaper than anywhere else by quite some, so I jumped. Not that I need any more film stock at the moment, but an offer is an offer and it will be happy enough in the fridge until I need it!

Happy Birthday Foma!

My Foma collection!

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