Fuji GE

The Fuji GE

I can find very little information online about the GE from Fuji. It seems to date back to the early 70’s, 72 maybe? It is typical of it’s type, we’ve all had/have something similar in our arsenal. I’m thinking of the ever popular Ricoh 500, Olympus Trip 35, or the Cosina 35e. They are all similar. This one has a f2.8 38mm lens, it has zone focussing similar to the Olympus trip, but unlike that camera, it has a wind on lever rather than the wheel. This I prefer. It also takes a 46mm filter, a little more standard than the trip. On the bad side it does need 2 PX1 batteries for the shutter to work, not a disaster as they are still available on Amazon at a cost, I have two that are working, so will wait until I have to, to replace those!

The top of the GE

From the top it looks like it has continuous focus but actually it has 4 click positions. Aperture is either A (auto) or apertures, I guess really intended for flash but no reason not to use them if wanted. Eagle eyes among you will notice that the rewind lever is broken off, and this is a bit of a pain but in reality it just takes a few more seconds to rewind and a bit more care – hardly a disaster. I might even get around to fitting a suitable replacement from to donor camera sometime, until then it’s useable.

What I think is very good are the results – you guessed it, I tried another of my 20 year out of date colour films, and with a bit of help from levels in Photoshop, produced some decent frames. I think this would be a good camera for street photography in B/W and think that’s what I’ll try next with it. Until then here are some results…..

5 thoughts on “Fuji GE

  1. Nice find. I haven’t seen too many of the earlier Fuji(ca)s, though where I worked in the 90’s we had boatloads of the Discovery point and shoot line. I had a Fujica DL-100 for a brief moment, a mid-80s autofocus. It seemed to be bigger than some rangefinders!


    1. Hello!, yes I remember some of the DL range, I think there was a 120 (?) If memory serves they had a “drop in load” that worked, most of the time. I always used to release the back and load the film myself! I like the lens and the speed of use of the GE – might try some black and white next. Thanks for commenting – best regards Andy

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    1. Hello Mike, I’m impressed with the lens – it did what I hoped it might. I’ll try some black and white in it next I think.. I was very impressed with the images you made with your Kodak No.1A Folding Special, and the Tri X and Tmax. Great tonal range – sets a high bench mark for me to try and reach! Best wishes, Andy


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