Olympus XA2

The Olympus XA2

I’ve acquired another XA2! I say another because I had one years ago, and traded it in for something or another. This one I found in a charity (thrift) shop with it’s instructions wrapped around it for £5. I could not test it as there were no batteries so I took the chance, got it home, popped in a couple of KS76’s and hey presto – seems fine.

Looking Down on the XA2

I’m not going to do the usual run of specs and review it, Jim Grey over at “Down the Road” has done a much better job of that than I could, so I recommend you have a look here: https://blog.jimgrey.net/2012/08/23/olympus-xa2/ his results with it are amazing too!

Anyone who reads this blog will guess what’s coming here – yes I popped another of my out of date films through to test mine. I assure you my mixed bag of out-of-date films is nearing an end, so I will have to go out and do some “proper” photography before long! Anyway – below are a few results..

Haskins Garden Centre, Ferndown, Dorset
selection made!
I always seem to overthink the focus with these cameras!
and now for a tasteful plant holder!
Ferns in the back garden

I always seem to want to twiddle with the focus on these cameras, and I think I’ll get more successful shots if I just let the camera alone – I’ll try another roll at some point.

5 thoughts on “Olympus XA2

    1. Hi Mike, trust you are well! I agree, they are good cameras, and the ideal size when you just feel you want a camera with you but are not out to make pictures! I’m happy enough with this one to keep it and use a “proper” roll of film in it, to see what results I can get, and also test my theory that I twiddle too much! – All best wishes -Andy


  1. I love my XA2. I’ve tried out other p&s compacts that came out later, but most often the XA2 is all the point-and-shoot I need. It’s probably gotten the most use of any of my film cameras, most likely because of its portability: Even if I take a “more serious” camera out, I often pocket the XA2 and use a different type of film (if my “serious camera” is shooting b&w, the XA2 will do color.)

    Some of my writing on it here:


    1. Hi, My thoughts exactly! It’s the sort of camera that can be in the bag along with another “serious” camera, maybe with a colour or an XP2 in it – or even as “the film camera” when I’m out with my digital. Great blog btw, I spent a good half hour day before last – I might have to get a bike now!! 🙂 Cheers Andy

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