Ektar 1000

No, not a typo, back in the 80’s Kodak released Ektar film the first time around. I always thought it strange that it was from either extreme of speed. It was available in either 25 asa or 1000 asa.

Ektar 1000

I can’t say that I took much interest back then, I don’t recall ever using the 25, but I did try a roll of the 1000. I remember at the time thinking that it was better than the Vericolor VR1000 that was very grainy!

Shaftesbury Ave, London, Late 80’s

The above shot was taken looking down Shaftesbury Ave, in London, Theatreland! At the time I had a Cosina CT1 with a 35-70mm lens. Nothing special but it did the job. It did open up the possibility of night photography without flash or long exposures.

Filming in Brussels

The above is from the same roll of film a few days later! Filming in Brussels, at the time Kodak had also just introduced it’s new EXR 16mm film! Burnt into my memory is 7245 50asa daylight, 1989!

4 thoughts on “Ektar 1000

  1. This was my go to film for indoor event photography as the grain didn’t impose itself on the image. I also used the 25 ASA for cityscape dusk into blue hour shots. Prints from the Ektar 25 are about as grainless as film gets and I liked the ability to get movement in car lights,sunset clouds or water without a neutral density filter. Having grown up on Kodachrome 64 this seemed like the natural companion in negative film. I’ve shot Portra 160 in several variations for the last 15 years as I like its blend of grain, speed and color.


    1. Hello! I agree, I think of the new Ektar 100 as the replacement for good old Kodachrome 64 in many ways. I did use a couple of rolls of Kodachrome 25, in the Florida sun, but don’t recall using it in UK, As for Ektar 25 I’m not sure I ever did – I missed the boat there! All the best Andy


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