Yashica 635

I picked up my example of this TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) in a way that I often pick up cameras. I don’t intend to have many cameras, in fact I conspire to own one and use one film stock – if it was nearly good enough for Henri Cartier Bresson, then it should be nearly good enough for me! The trouble is I like them!

This one was sat in a glass cabinet, with it’s leather case next to it, in a charity shop, in almost perfect condition. The price was about £40 from memory. I asked to look closer and everything seemed good so it came home with me.

I gave it a bit of a clean up, and started to use it. The close focus was good, better than I expected in fact. Like all TLR’s a little bit of parralex comes into play the closer one gets to one’s subject, a separate light meter is required, but that’s no issue. The results are good too – nice and sharp, but somehow with a bit of a “glow” to them, this doesn’t really come across in digital scans, but I suspect film users will know what I mean. I ought to do more street photography with it, Vivian Maier style perhaps, but this last year has been odd to say the least so below are a few images of the garden I made to finish off the roll of FP4. Developed as standard in Ilfosol.

The Garden Bench
A plant that likes the shade.
Sun and Shade
On the doorstep

4 thoughts on “Yashica 635

  1. Nice look at a nice Yashica twin lens, I can never say enough about the TLR’s of the world (my favorite being the Minolta Autocord), and have always promoted the idea that if you want to keep a toe in the analog world, a simple twin-lens, a decent tripod, a good light-meter, and a two 120 roll processing tank, was and IS the way to go! I also love the 120 roll film reality, and have mentored kids to do what I call the “one roll portrait session”; get a friend or family member to pose for 12 shots, and that’s it! Last time I did this was at one of the apartments I lived at, and to this day I flip through the contact sheets from this and remember my fellow renters with fondness.


    1. Hi Andy – thanks for your comments – I’ve had a few TLR’s over the years, Yashica 124g, Mamiya C330 (The Beast!), Rollei 28a, the 635 of course – I chop and change all the time, and really should settle on one!! Love the idea of the 1 roll portrait session – I’ve been thinking I need to do much more portrait work, especially just the people I know and see everyday – Great idea! Cheers Andy.


    1. Hi Chris and Carol, thanks for dropping by! I’ve been over to your site and wow! Lots there to look at – I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time online!! All best wishes – Andy


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