Bronica SQA

I used to have a Bronica SQA until I traded it in last year for something different. I had the plain prism, the standard 80mm, which was a lovely lens, and I had the 50mm, which I never really used that much, as it was so wide! Most of my photography these days fits (in 35mm speak) between 28mm and 50mm equivalent. I also had the speedgrip, and two backs. The beauty of that of course is that I could choose between two different films at will. The dream kit you might think, and you’d be correct, except the weight.

I’m not saying I’m old or lazy, but when on holiday, a hefty ruck sack full of gear is no longer my preferred choice – light, mobile and quicker, seems to be more me these days – so I traded. What did I get? The Texas Leica, Fuji GSW690 III, so I’ve actually gone up in neg size, but down to one lens, one film, and much lighter. I’ll do a “my thoughts on…” at some point on the camera, but I need to use it more first.

I made a trip to Devon, with the SQA to give it one last blast before we parted company, and I took my supply of Ektar 100 along – here are some of the results… scans direct from the lab, no photoshop…

Clovelly, The main Street – Downalong.
The Red Lion, Clovelly,
The Harbour, Clovelly.
Looking back from the harbour wall – toward Clovelly.
Greenhouse on the Clovelly Estate.
Flowers at Clovelly.

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