Pilford on Ilford

The title of this post is courtesy of fishyfisharcade – it had to be done! I suspect I’ll end up making a few posts about the “Pilford Heath Transport and Heritage Show” which just happened, weekend last. I mostly shot Ilford Pan-F, one roll of 35mm in my EOS 30, two rolls of 120 in my Rolleicord Va. I also shot the last few frames of a roll of FP4 I had on the go and used an out of date roll of Fuji C200 for a splash of colour on some of the cars to finish.

I purchased the programme as it has details of the vehicles, that I could pass on to you – dear reader. This is because, although I like the subjects for photographs, I’ll happily admit I know next to nothing about the subject! This first section will be the military section of the show, on 35mm. Sadly the listing in said programme does not allow me to identify which vehicle is which! Oh well! Best plans….

So the game for this post is to choose one of the titles above and apply it to a photo of your choice!

The vehicle above carries the badge of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (below) on it’s grill.

Above is one section lined up, on the far left is what must be the “Home Front ARP Post” by Berf (t?) and Liz – below is a peek inside.

A Royal Enfield Motor Bike from 1942?

Maybe not the next post – but perhaps, next visit to Pilford might be steam on 120?

3 thoughts on “Pilford on Ilford

    1. Thank you! As I’ve said I have no real knowledge of these things, that one I can identify from the programme by the reg. Ariel Sport Arrow from 1961 reg 811 XUP, owned by Stephen Brown from Glos! – next time i’ll know!! All best wishes – Andy

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