Color Plus at Cerne Abbas

The Cerne Giant

I had some out of date Kodak Color Plus to use up, out of date, but not as old as my usual fare, so I made a little trip to Cerne Abbas. It’s most famous for it’s giant, a figure carved into the chalk hills, you may just make him out in the image above top right. This is the view from the national trust carpark with a 50mm lens! The image from an old Dorset book gives a better idea, except for a major missing part that it seems to have included it in the publication would have embarrassed!!

The Giant with Victorian Y fronts on!

Some say he is a Saxon God, others that he is linked to the burial mounds that are pre-roman on the hill top above – either way he’s old! The village itself is small and quiet, but interesting enough to warrant a visit.

Cerne Abbas Farmhouse/Manor

There once stood an Abbey here, now, what is often referred to locally as a manor, but my guide book of old Dorset calls a “Gabled Farmhouse” stands. It was built from the ruins of the abbey. Only a couple of parts survive of the abbey – the Tithe Barn and the Gatehouse.

The Gatehouse
The Tithe Barn
The Well of St Augustine

Just across the graveyard is St Augustine’s Well, from here a walk down “Abbey Street”, where an Uncle of George Washington once lived, brings us to St Mary’s Church.

Abbey Street, Cerne Abbas
St Mary’s Church, Cerne Abbas

My circular walk brought me back to the carpark, where in the hedge I spotted an old style way marker, freshly painted!

Way Marker on the Old Sherborne Road

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