Pub Signs on 120

Scanning Job!!

I recently came across an envelope that I had forgotten I even owned! Inside was a bunch of 120 negatives, along with some 127 negatives. All of them are black and white, and at a guess I would date them to the late 50’s and 60’s. They were in a box of old photo paraphernalia, that I came across in a junk shop, and paid the grand sum of £4:50 for! There are 50 negs in total – all of them images of pub signs.

I scanned a few, and made a few light corrections in photoshop, and thought I’d share them here! I have no idea if they are local to me, or from the other side of the country. I wonder who the photographer was and what camera he used. Was he interested in photography or was he a pub sign painter, indeed was he a he?

The Bull
The Vine
Old Spot
My favourite: The Rampant Cat
Bailiff’s Sergeant
The Railway Tavern
The Royal Oak

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