Wolf Moon

The Moon 17-01-22 (Cropped)

I do very little digital photography these days, a lot less than I should considering what I’ve spent on digital equipment over the years! Tonight however the view of the moon on the drive home was spectacular, so I dug out my Fuji X-Pro2, fitted on the 200mm, which due to the size of the sensor is more like a 300mm on a 35mm film camera, and took a few shots, when I got home.

The January full moon is sometimes known as the “Ice Moon” or the “Snow Moon” but most often as the “Wolf Moon” – nothing to do with the moon, just the name we give it. Depending on what source you read, the name will either be attributed to the Native Americans or the Anglo-Saxons, simply because it is the time of the year when wolves are at their most vocal, ahead of their mating season in February!

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