A Visit to Prospect Cottage

Prospect Cottage – Dungeness, Kent

A while ago I made a visit to Dungeness, Kent. It’s an odd place. It’s largely covered in shingle, rather exposed, and has a lighthouse and a nuclear power station. It is rather industrial. Odd then that it should be the home to Derek Jarman, film maker, writer, poet, painter and gay activist. He made super 8 films, about the same time I did, and that’s how I became aware of him. I actually bumped into him once in a small art gallery in Portland, Dorset. He was charming, and we chatted for quite a few minutes. He made 11 feature films between 1976 and 1993. Many of them containing large chunks of super 8 material. One of these “The Garden” (1990) was centred around the garden he created at his home in Prospect Cottage, in Dungeness.

The Garden – Prospect Cottage, Dungeness
The Garden – Prospect Cottage, Dungeness

He passed away in 1994, at the age of 52. The garden seems to be kept-up, so the passer by can catch a glimpse without trespassing! All these photographs were made with my Konica Hexar AF on Ilford’s HP5 film.

The Garden
Dungness Lighthouse
To the sea

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