From the past

An Old Photograph

A while ago I picked up a couple of old photo’s from a box of many. I have no idea who the subject is, I thought if using it in a still life at some point. I did a little research to see if I could learn more.

from the studio

I managed to find this from the back of another portrait online, it’s interesting to note that at the time they offered enlargements up to “life size!”.

History of FTJ Morris

On an online research thread I also came across, from business records, I think for tax, the above. This indicates that the portrait that I have, as it is still listed as being from 62 Park Street means that it must date to before 1893! A part from that – I can find no other info – it’s lost to history. I wonder if anyone will pick up one of my images in 128 years or will they and me, be lost to history too?

62 Park Street, Bristol today, courtesy of Google Street View

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