Bridgewater Carnival

Float #1

When I was growing up Halloween wasn’t much of a thing. There was a film by John Carpenter, but for me and my friends it was just a distant American celebration. Strange really when one considers it can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, and the Celts of course are Irish/Northern France/UK.

Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night however was a different thing. As I kid I often made a guy – “penny for the guy” was often the cry to raise money to buy fireworks. We always had fireworks and a bonfire. Often potatoes cooked in the embers and soup! It was sort of a tradition in our family, even when I was in my late 30’s myself and my mother would get at least one box to keep the tradition going. I regret that it is a tradition that died with her a few years ago now. I wish I’d kept it going – but especially the first couple of years after her death I just couldn’t face it.

For two or three years in a row I did go to the Bridgewater Carnival, that happened at this time of year. I just read that it didn’t go ahead again this year. Last years was postponed to this, and now this to next year, due to Covid again.

It prompted me to dig out a box of transparencies from those years ago. It is an illuminated carnival that takes place after dark. I hope that it takes place next year and that Covid permits!

Float #2
Float #3

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