Poole Museum

Poole Museum

Poole Museum is located just off the quayside, in an old Victorian warehouse. You may remember from my previous post about the “Cockle Trail” that I visited a while ago. It is the building in the background above.

Inside, as one would expect, is a collection of artefacts’ that tells the story of Poole. The first item is an Iron Age longboat raised from the harbour. It has been carbon dated to 295BC and is nearly 10 meters long.

Iron Age Longboat

Across from this is a rudder raised from just outside the harbour. Believed to come from the Dutch ship “The Fame”. Although it is a rudder the top has been ornately carved, into almost a figure head!

The rudder from “The Fame”

On a higher floor there are two interior set ups, one shows a typical kitchen from the 50’s – another a dentist from the same era.

50’s Kitchen
Kitchen Cabinet
Anyone for a root canal?
A tray for the teeth?

Poole is famous for it’s pottery and there are some lovely examples on display here. A little pointless to photograph in black and white, as the rich colours don’t translate. I took one shot anyway, for the form. The colours are red, orange and yellow mostly.

Poole Pottery

At the top of the building is the tea room – coffee and cake! On the wall is one of the Poole Pottery “Welcome to…” signs, made by Carter and Co, who later became Poole Pottery. Designed by Arthur Nickols, these used to stand at many of the town boundaries.

All of these photos were made with my trusty Canon EOS 30 and on Ilford Delta 400, developed in Ilfosol, at 20 degrees for 7 minutes. Except that is the last which was taken with a Nokia Phone!

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