A couple of days ago I came across a strip of four negs at the bottom of a box. It turned out to feature 3 images of Concorde that I took at Yeovilton airdays, that must have been in the early to mid 80’s. The quality is awful but worth sharing for the history I guess.

Concorde made it’s last flight on 26th November 2003, but it’s first on 3rd March 1969, just before I was born. What a year 1969 must have been – Concord’s first flight, man landing on the moon, and me!

Concorde 2
Concorde 3

3 thoughts on “Concorde

  1. Old negatives and history; a thing of the past with the predominance of digital these days. How many people will be able to do what you’ve just done with these images if they had been digital? In 50 or a 100 years time could the files still be opened?


    1. Hi David, Sorry for the delay in reply – busy weekend! Hope you are keeping well? Absolutely agree with you. I’m not anti digital, I’ve owned many digital cameras in my time, and have now settled on a Fuji X-Pro 2 – great camera. For the last couple of years though, I’ve really enjoyed film. To me there is more of a “craft” involved with film, and one ends up with something tangible. I also spend too much of my working day sat in front of a PC, so it’s good to do something away from a screen, now and again!
      A while ago, I scanned some glass plates I was bequeathed, some pre war and most before 1960. 60 year old images, with lovely quality. Not too long ago someone asked if I could print a few photo’s from the 90’s from floppy disc – nope – I can’t read them anymore! Apparently there were 20 photo’s per disc! It would seem that technological “improvement” doesn’t necessarily include quality!
      Best regards – Andy

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      1. Thanks for an interesting reply Andy.
        I have the X-Pro 1, it makes a really good travel camera for when I’m out walking, I like it very much.
        The Nikon Df is probably my most versatile camera – it can take just about any lens Nikon has ever made, a little like the Nikon F4.
        My Yashica Mat-124G & the Nikon F2sb are my favourite film cameras.
        It took me quite a while to overcome the fear of corrupt or lost digital files and I’m still a little paranoid.
        Make prints of any digital images I value, at least then I can make copies of these if the file is lost.
        You’re right about ‘glass plate’ images: for such a difficult (it seems to me) process, especially with the cameras and chemicals available at the time these were being used. They have a wonderful glow & depth about them
        Keep well, Regards David.


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