Bere Regis on Foma 200

St John the Baptist Church at Bere Regis.

During my “staycation” I called in on the small town of Bere Regis. Surprising for it’s current size and fame, namely forgotten and bypassed, it has a long history, dating back to Saxon times. You may remember from my Corfe Castle post a little of the history of the murder of the young King Edward, there in 979. Queen Elfrida came to Bere Regis to live a life of contrition to atone for any part she played in his murder, and probably died here around the year 1000. She was followed by the infamous King John who had a palace here.

The church of St John the Baptist is renowned for it’s connection with Cardinal Morton, Dorset born but who now lies at rest in Canterbury Cathedral. Most famous for taking Thomas More into his household, he erected the roof in memory of his mother and father. It is a carved wood roof, believed to represent the 12 apostles, 6 each side. It also features carved “bosses” one of which features Morton himself, his coat of arms and a red rose, the commemorate the marriage of Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor, and thus then end of the “war of roses”.

The nave of the church of St John the Baptist.
The Altar “The Leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations”
Shadow and highlight
The wooden carved roof.
The head of Dorset born, Cardinal Morton
Two of the Apostles.

All these photo’s were made with my Canon EOS 30, with the 40mm. I removed the light yellow filter, mainly to gain as much light as possible. I had the wrong film for the job in hand really, it was the end of a roll of Foma 200, so I ended up with the lens wide open and a long exposure. Not ideal, and the images won’t win any awards that’s for sure!

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