Kodak Film Prices!

going up!!!

I was sent an email the other day from one of the UK’s biggest, if not THE biggest photo wholesaler, giving an idea of the film price increases expected from Jan 1st. All I can say is that if you like film, and you can.. stock up now – quick!!

Below is a table of the expected increases from Kodak from the 1st of January, no doubt Fuji will follow soon! I assume that if it’s going up in the UK there will a similar increase world wide, I assume this has come from Kodak headquarters in New York as I note that color is missing it’s UK “U”.

Film TypePercentage of Increase
Color Reversal Film17-19%
Color Negative 35mm18-21%
Color Negative 12024-25%
Color Negative Sheet Film19-21%
Professional BW 35mm16-19%
Professional BW 120/22016-52%
Professional BW Sheet Film9-19%
Professional BW Bulk16-18%
Color Plus 35mm29%
Gold 35mm18-32%
Ultra Max 35mm17-29%

4 thoughts on “Kodak Film Prices!

  1. It just isn’t stopping, is it? I only got back into film at the beginning of 2020, right before COVID. I remember ColorPlus was $4, Tri-X in 36 was like $6. Now it’s $6-8 for ColorPlus, $8-9 for Tri-X. I understand that these price increases are due to the stretching of the global supply chain, but it doesn’t make me like it any better.


    1. Hello! Yes like you I understand that things do need to increase, but not by that much! We have another problem here in the UK which is that there is a drought of colour film, especially the “consumer” ones. I can’t find colorplus in Kodak or C200 from Fuji anywhere! I have got a little stock of colour film, and to be honest I don’t really feel like paying silly money for it, so when it’s gone it’s gone and I’ll re-assess then! Thanks for commenting – all best wishes, Andy


    1. Hi! It’s a bit much isn’t it? I can understand anything up to 10% but Kodak’s colorplus looks like it’s going to increase by a 1/3rd – that’s mad! Thanks for commenting – best wishes, Andy


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