Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Head

“Hengistbury Head is a dramatic headland in Bournemouth situated to the south of Christchurch Harbour. It is an outstanding site for wildlife and archaeology and offers beautiful beaches and views across the New Forest, Isle of Wight and Purbecks.” So declares the official website, and it’s true – it does! I parked a couple miles away and walked to this point. There was rain on the way but I kept going. Just at the perfect moment, in the perfect spot, the sun broke through the clouds, and left lovely clouds just perfect for landscape photography.

Lifeguard Post

On this day I chose to take the Fuji GSW690III for an outing. I also packed my tripod with the large ball and socket head. I’m not a big tripod user, but on this day I thought I might use some smaller apertures for greater depth of focus and may use slower speeds. As it happened the sun co-operated so I wasn’t that slow, but it was still useful!

Beach huts
The Isle of Wight in the far distance

All of the above shots were taken on Ilford Delta 100. Below we change to Kodak Tmax 400. Another film that I have used before but not for a long time. I gather it’s a new formulation, since I used it last. Can’t say I noticed much difference myself!

More Huts
and yet more!

One of these beach huts was put on the market recently (February) for a price in excess of 1/3 million pounds!! I’d love one – but not at that price! If I had that sort of money I’d buy a couple of camper vans, some land, and give some money to charity!!

Maybe my favourite (photo) of the day?

All of the above were made through a light yellow filter for a little more contrast between clouds and sky.

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