Leica M3

The Front View

My M3, bares the serial number 779-068, made of course by Renst Weitz (GMBH) in Retzlar Germany. The top plate shows all the usual features that one would expect for this model.

The Top Plate

The back is the normal design for such cameras, with flash connection and access to the film plane.

The back door

It was a recent gift to me, and I love it and it’s contents…..

Fudge – yummm

What really amuses me about this, is that it is exactly correct! Not just close but it is the perfect size. It shows wear to the back door exactly where it would be on a real camera. The lettering, albeit, adapted, is the correct font and colour. Even the base shows the base plate lock! The “lens” of the front is hollow and has no back, so I am considering making a tiny hole in the front to see if I can turn it into a Pinhole camera! First I need to eat the fudge!

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