Coincidence again!

Art that brightens my day!

When coincidence joined that very old 127 film with the VPK, you would have thought that enough for one week but no! It must be at least 2 years ago that I stumbled on an image that stuck with me to the point where I downloaded the thumbnail from the website I was on and kept it in my personal file on the work PC. It was a print from a woodcut made by John Walker in Dorchester. It’s the image above – a hare with Colmers Hill, Symondsbury (Dorset) in the background. I loved it.

One day on the way to work I passed a local gallery as I do just about every morning, and what should be in the window catching my eye.. not only a woodcut print by John Walker but THE woodcut print by John Walker. I had to go buy it… I love it and it now is framed and sits atop my Left Hand HiFi Speaker!

You too can view his work here:

(For the record I have nothing to do with, or even know Mr John Walker! I just love his art.)

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