Ilford Pan F

Before Covid and travel restrictions, I made a trip down to West Devon and Cornwall. This as it turned out would be the last trip I would use my Bronica SQai before selling it on. I can’t say I enjoyed carting the weight about, but I did enjoy using the camera! I had two backs and for the black and white I chose Ilford’s PanF and it’s 50asa. I came across two problems, one was as the film was so slow, depth of field became an issue. The second problem, was small marks, that appear to be on the films emulsion. They look a little like (and scan like) drying marks, but I’m sure aren’t! Apart from anything else, I processed this film in the same was as I always do.

Clovelly Harbour
Seaside detail
Tides Out!
Pebbles #1
Clovelly Harbour
Rusting Anchor
The walk back up begins!

I’m not going to blame the film, I’ve used much Ilford film and it’s always been brilliant, and on reflection it’s much more likely to be operator error (me) than Ilford at fault! That said, I don’t think the film suits my shooting style, so won’t hurry to use it again!

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