Portland Bill

I used to live quite close to Portland Bill, Dorset. The Bill, is actually the tip, where the lighthouse is located, on what is known as “The Isle of Portland” although technically it is actually connected to the mainland by Chesil Beach! The late great Jim Henson, he of Muppets fame was once involved with a TV series, produced by the local TVS TV station, so the locals mostly refer to the “Island” as “Fraggle Rock!” Be that as it may, it is technically a Royal Manor. On one visit I took along the Bronica SQA and made a few exposures.

The Lighthouse, Portland Bill, Dorset.
Rocky Ground!
Pulpit Rock.

I have a 35mm film scanner made by Reflecta (X-7) which I am generally pleased with. When I saw they did a 120 version I brought one. Strangely the definition and the sharpness seemed to be less than the 35mm version, so I returned it. My scanning is something I need to improve!

2 thoughts on “Portland Bill

  1. Without wishing to plug my own, Portland Bill featured as a wonderful memory of my childhood, when I formally met the late Prince Phillip during the Royal Review in ‘84. An indelible memory (unless sinility should encroach!) that will bring a smile to me whenever I’m reminded of it. And today I am reminded again. Thank you Andy. It’s been a long time since I visited Fraggle Rock! Best, Rob.


    1. Hi Rob, Thanks for your kind words! When the Navy were in Portland Harbour, there used to be a yearly “Navy Days”, and there was a Heliport for the Navy’s fleet air arm. We lived under the flight path, so I saw many, many helicopters in my youth! Sadly it’s now all gone, but in it’s place has risen the National Sailing Academy. I wish I’d made more photographs of those days, I have a few which I must get around to scanning sometime, happy memories! All best wishes, Andy.

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