Cross Processing Provia

In reducing the stock in my film fridge, and making an effort to use up odd rolls, I came across a dated roll of Fuji’s Provia 100. I’ve never cross processed before, but as it was the only roll of E6 film I had, I wasn’t about to buy a kit of chemistry for a single roll. Sending it to a lab, would have been the sensible course of action, but postage charges made a single roll expensive so I went into experimentation mode.

All the images below are from that roll, but processed in C41. Instead of having the familiar orange base of colour negative, I was left with a bright green one! I scanned a couple of the images, and with much correction in photoshop got some muted, just about acceptable colour out of it, but I prefer them just in black and white!

Not an experiment I shall seek to repeat again in a hurry, but it’s all good practice!

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