Poole Quay with the ME Super and Fuji C200

When I took the Pentax ME Super out of its bag the other day to photograph it, for a post, I discovered that it still had a film in it. I couldn’t remember what, or what was on the start! So as we were going to the nearby town of Poole, I took it with me to finish the roll. As it turned out the film was Fuji’s C200 – an entry level colour print film.

We have a bit of a set route through the town; we park in the park, and walk through the shopping centre.  When I was a child there were three large, (huge to a four year old!) wooden animals. In my day they were usually surrounded by fathers watching their kids crawl over them whilst mothers got a bit of shopping done in peace! They were stationed outside the clothes shops. One in the shape of a whale I remember well. I could jump into its mouth, slide through, and out the end – run around and go again! Great fun. At some point they had disappeared and I assumed consigned to the scrap heap decades ago. To my surprise not that long ago they turned up – nice and clean and re-polished, it was a little like seeing old friends again! It does seem funny seeing them sat there with a notice, instructing kids to keep off! Good old health and safety! On this trip they were fitted with masks.

Wooden animals, Poole shopping centre.
Wooden animals, Poole shopping centre 2.

We leave the shopping centre; walk down the high street to the quay, as the street meets the quay stands a sculpture “Sea Music” by Anthony Caro.  Apparently it is on the spot where he and his wife used to sit and have fish and chips! The sculpture its self is the blue painted part, whilst the viewing platform for both the sculpture and the harbour is around it, painted silver. It dates from 1991 and has recently undergone a restoration after 30 years battling the sea air and elements. I have to say I like it very much, and must try to make some better photographs of it at some point!

Anthony Caro’s “Sea Music” 1
Anthony Caro’s “Sea Music” 2
More rope! (I’ve made many photographs with rope!)
Celtic Freedom often visits Poole

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