The True Meaning?

A while ago I inherited, a collection of glass plate negatives. How these came to me and why, is part of the story and part of their value to me. There are about 450 of them. I can tell you a box containing that many glass plates is heavy – very heavy!

Glass Plate as photographed on lightbox.

As I have no scanner that can cope with these, or access to one, I set about photographing them, over a light box, then in photoshop, inverting the image, and trimming them up. In time I will do some light restoration to the images, and would like to produce a “then and now” set.

As I was looking through the images the other day to make a selection for this, and it got me thinking about the REAL value of the pictures, both to me and others, and for that matter about photographs in general….

These photographs were made before I was born, but my captions explain my thoughts…

The small House in the centre, where my mother was born.
The row of cottages where my Grandmother was born and spent childhood.
The Bridge I drive over everyday on the way to work.
The Church where my grandfather is buried, and my father used to play.
The Church where my parents were married, and I was christened.

I will revisit these plates, again sometime in the future, with the tale of how and why these came to me, and progress with my “then and now” project.

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